Court Repair & Resurfacing

We are most often contacted to repair an existing court. Concrete and other surfaces weather and crack over time, especially if they are not regularly maintained. If your court looks like it crumbling and becoming an eyesore, don’t panic. We rarely come across projects that are beyond help. This applies to tennis and basketball courts. Our resurfacing business is done with the latest materials and WILL rejuvenate your court to a new look. Other will think its new. And you will be back to enjoying your outdoor investment. Just upload some pictures of your court and the visible problems and we can often get you some ideas of cost to fix it WITHOUT coming out in person. This saves you time, us time and both of us money. Savings that comes back to you when we get the repair done.


Tennis Court Products

We offer a full product offering of Tennis nets, posts, wind screens, and everything in between at more than competitive prices. The items are generally available and in stock with quick shipping. We can assist you with installation instructions for any product you purchase from us and if we don’t have it, we will help you find it.


New Court Construction

Sometimes you look at your back yard and think, “how nice it would be to have a court, tennis or basketball, for my family to enjoy and to serve as show piece for your property.” Imagine watching your children play on your court from your kitchen or living space while you sip a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

We can build a court to your specification OR we can send out one of our engineers to help you determine what’s possible Again, you can upload a few pictures of your property where you want to court built. We can often get a good idea of what’s possible (or not possible) from several photos. Couldn’t be easier.